ZIP-FM X ROSE BUD 25tn Anniversary collaboration plan!

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We plan collaboration item in commemoration of the ZIP-FM opening of an office 25th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of LACHIC 2F Rose bad!
Music navigator MISATO where is familiar from LACHIC 1F studio LACHIC in "LACHIC CENTURY SESSION" for from 17:30 to 18:00 for from every Monday to Thursday. And we had collaboration plan cooperate with "PEEPS!" and music navigator Chisato Kiyosato in charge of "FUNNY BUDDY" on Saturday on Wednesday for from 23:00 to 25:00.
We sell collaboration dress in LACHIC 2F Rose bad from Monday, October 1!

The collaboration plan second!
Thursday, November 1 ZIP-FM X ROSE BUD collaboration coat release

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It releases collaboration coat and starts on Thursday, November 1 following collaboration dress of release on Monday, October 1!
Purple that is Smoky of Outer Material which MISATO of music navigator selected does winter coordinates that are apt to become dark gorgeously. As lining is purple, we are stylish even if we take off coat! Selling over the count is only LACHIC.
<ROSE BUD X ZIP-FM> 19,440 yen that includes coat tax

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We started party in commemoration of collaboration item sale at 19:00 in LACHIC 2F Rose bad on Wednesday, October 3. MISATO and Chisato Kiyosato of ZIP-FM music navigator came to the store, too and heaped up party.

The Rose bad appearance
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Material image
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ZIP-FM music navigator MISATO
"Dress of sweat shirt material with a feeling of relaxation. Present feeling making pants and layered"
<ROSE BUD X ZIP-FM> 11,880 yen that includes dress tax
※Others are person private properties

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From material of several kinds, we selected combination that was good to customer and ZIPPIE of LACHIC.

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Material image
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ZIP-FM music navigator seirisensei
"It does not become too much sweet and is Good when we unify accessories with black. We can dress well without becoming young."
<ROSE BUD X ZIP-FM> 14,040 yen that includes dress tax
※Others are person private properties

1000, Kiyosato sacred picture

Kiyosato selects girly dress. We chose cloth while thinking about feeling and usability of this year.

Material image
Material image
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