The Lipton tea stands

Seasonally limited MENU comes up

Lipton tea stands image

"ICE Fruits in Tea Wakayama mandarin orange" & "HOT Good in Tea Saga mandarin orange" comes up as seasonally limited MENU!
"Fruits in Tea" where taste of Fresh gelee using mandarin orange from Wakayama is refreshing. "Good in Tea" of dry mandarin orange that taste using mandarin orange from Saga was condensed. You can enjoy taste of different mandarin orange by production center. Which mandarin orange is preference? Please try limited MENU only for this time.
ICE: 700 yen that includes Fruits in Tea Wakayama mandarin orange tax
HOT: 700 yen that includes Good in Tea Saga mandarin orange tax ※Only in Double 
※Number includes limit. ※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

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