LACHIC 15th Anniversary

Thanks to you, LACHIC is the 15th anniversary!

With "DJ KOO" which is existence of pioneer of the dance music scene of Japan, We send much HAPPY to become "iijugosyunen".

A time when dijugotoiijugo is fun for password in this in most KOOOO! in LACHIC!

I would like LACHIC of the 15th anniversary.


Message arrives from main character DJ KOO of the 15th anniversary of the LACHIC.


  • LACHIC official Instagram Contribution campaign

    ◆ Period: From Sunday, March 1 to Thursday, April 30

    We see LACHIC official Instagram "@ lachic_nagoya" after follow in hall and photograph figure DJ KOO and, from hashtag # dijugotoiijugootsukete, oneself which we posted on in account, present "shopping ticket to be usable in LACHIC" (for 2,000 yen) to 15 by lot!

    The campaign details are ▶︎ from this

    [life-sized monument] appear at LACHIC 1F from Sunday, March 1!