Well, to the next stage! PLAY NEW LACHIC!

We focus on charm of new shop & refreshment shop which opened this spring!


We move to floor map when we overwhelm us!


  • Men's ladies';, as for the Accessories which is most suitable for suit, Accessories and gift of coping, business is developed from casual wear of daily use widely together. It is shop to be able to enjoy regardless of sex and generation.

    LACHIC 2F BEAMS TEL 052-265-2610


  • duzuiemukurasu
  • We suggest clothes based on "simple, good thing" this season. We prepared lineup for sex appeal, intelligence, article of adult to become woman who was felt "SENSUAL". New Item of 2020AW is received from September, and New Item of special item and quite popular <EVERYDAY I LIKE> which buyer keeps on being particular from all over the world and chose is received.

    LACHIC 2F duzuiemukurasu TEL 052-238-3988


  • Roch
  • 2020AW Season theme "OUR LEGACY" (our origin). You are past, and pay more attention not the future simply because it is time when conjugation is found in the world changing busily. With respect to thing which repeated history, we develop Collection with "Classic" as keyword. For casual wearing, layered does the mood that is "Classic" with article and expresses style of adult woman with humor.

    LACHIC 2F Roch TEL 052-249-3766


  • premier alone D SMON
  • We suggest style with clean relaxation feeling at good quality that imaged woman living in one ward of Paris among favorite fashion and art, favorite photographs. Including original brand, we develop brand appropriate for adult woman including <TICCA> having a good reputation for factory brand <roberto collina> producing knit of <Jean Paul Knott> and high quality, elegant manufacturing.

    LACHIC 3F premier alone D SMON TEL 052-259-6437


  • P o tea are
  • <𠮷 field bag> Concept shop which selects bag from original brand <PORTER> <LUGGAGE LABEL> of this, and unfolds mainly on casual item including original Accessories. In shop reflecting the image of factory (distribution warehouse), you use original household articles, and please find favorite item in discerning shop clogged up.

    LACHIC 4F P o tea are TEL 052-238-0652


  • Sunny cider
  • We suggest arrival at good-quality daily life centering on European Works tile. Select shop "sunny cider" which is simple, and suggests arrival at light daily life which was born in London in 2015. Lineup for adult liking the good-quality clothing including brand <FUJITO> which shows material, sewing, processing by <Scye> and craftsman to suggest stylish yet practical clothes which we add various elements from modern viewpoint based on British classical music and rebuilt feelings that there is not of compromise is attractive.

    LACHIC 4F Sunny cider TEL 052-212-7734


  • And Wonder
  • Under the theme of enjoying fashion in mountain and nature, we develop item which pursued sensitivity of Collection brand and functionality of outdoor wear. Strong, lightweight material protecting the body from wind and rain based on pleasure that oneself actually walk mountain and felt is used and is good at coloring to give impression that it is fresh in town in harmony with the mountains, and comfort of cutting and fitting supported by field-test is designed.

    LACHIC 5F and Wonder TEL 052-259-6524


  • emire
  • Beautiful eyebrows & beauty eyelashes specialty salon "emire" which we operate for which draws "this Shitsumi" that we put together in eyebrow, eyelashes curl, each person's quality of Wool and quality mainly on eyelashes extension of skin, and people have. By technique and waiting on customers that can realize high quality for a long time, we suggest small happiness to daily life of customer.

    LACHIC 6F emire TEL 052-211-8236



  • Rose bad
  • Let alone original brand, wear and Accessories, accessory which we selected by original filter from home and abroad accumulate wide item. By this remodeling, we condense more attractive item and unfold.

    LACHIC 2F Rose bad TEL 052-259-6357


  • We develop item which wore the mood that is sharp in keyword in "MINIMALISM" "CONTRAST" "INTELLIGENCE", and is modern. We have lineup of in-shop and <BYREDO> which expressed view of the world of nation's first <TOMWOOD> including ladies', men's-wear of <GALERIE VIE> as new contents.

    LACHIC 2F EDITION TEL 052-259-6372


  • Good-quality and is universal and suggests only there thing which there is not in combination with original product which is high quality from U.K. France Italy and Japan. By this remodeling, we extend men's item, and lineup is doing various products gathered commencing with space that can spend time pleasantly and original closing that is particular in detail, and is made in each country.

    LACHIC 3F DRESSTERIOR TEL 052-259-6406


  • Override
  • Select shop "override" of Hats which select from home and abroad and original item are of. It renovates logo by this renewal and edites various culture of the world again while valuing past tradition, and override (= overwrite) does Hats looking good on person people in the times.

    LACHIC 3F override TEL 052-259-6361


  • We suggest simple, modern product in pursuit of comfort and functionality that were particular about British traditional material messenger and D Tyr. We develop house hold goods such as home wear and furniture, product item making everyday life of better quality.



  • Nano・universe
  • "Nano・universe" which presents original product and domestic and foreign select products from casual basic to high-end fashion in European traditional o concept. You can enjoy fashion by various assortment of goods only in select shop to wear and bag, shoes, Accessories.

    LACHIC 4F nano・universe TEL 052-259-6354


  • minyoneanshienuman

    Accessories full of senses of fun is presented under the theme of "gift" that heart is happy and excited by classical clothes. Casual thing likes beautiful thing. We suggest mixed style to be able to enjoy while having such a two-facedness.

    LACHIC 4F minyoneanshienuman TEL 052-259-6377


  • Bshop
  • "Bshop" which has clothes and daily necessities which it is functional while being simple and continues snuggling up to in living. Including New Item of <ORCIVAL> and <DANTON>, domestic and foreign new brands are received one after another. Please enjoy selected item which does not depend on trend.

    LACHIC 4F Bshop TEL 052-259-6496


  • It is co-Tomono Marche seasonally
  • "Seasonally co-Tomono Marche" which deals with Accessories by handmade writer of all over Japan. We select carefully and send trendy Accessories and Accessories which there is handmade writer, and do.

    It is co-Tomono Marche seasonally LACHIC 5F TEL 052-259-6501


  • "LA MARINE FRANCAISE" which develops casual of good-quality adult who images woman loving the sky and the sea of south France, and arrested a feeling of air in the times centering on universal French basic style. It is not only basic and trend, and product which we selected by original having a practised eye has lineup and suggests style of good-quality adult to snuggle up to to mind to live.



  • Tenerita
  • "Tenerita" that "rich" thing, "of good quality" thing and that "always" idealize thing. In shop which further added to sense of quality, room wear and nightclothes spending house time comfortably appear to new product mainly on popular Towels this autumn. Please enjoy present to person who was taken care of and assortment of goods of comfortable home time.

    LACHIC 5F tenerita TEL 052-259-6478


  • The north face plus
  • Through the making of products such as sleeping bag and wear, tent, bag, kids' sales floor of <THE NORTH FACE> which raised breaking point of outdoor enlarges! We reflect nature and environment in parent and child and convey that we take good care of thing and provide space that many children snuggle up naturally, and brings up "power to live", and connects dream with the future.

    LACHIC 5F the north face plus TEL 052-259-6507