Korean seasonal Aya dishes

In Korea, it was done with the most important ceremony for a long time that bridegroom visited in home of bride that it was decided that we married. Using the best materials, what show secret taste that has been handed down to the family, and welcome bridegroom becomes custom on that day. In that way we tell love for own daughter whom we brought up carefully to bridegroom and pray for heart warmth worth handling and health in new house. We think that we want, for example, Japanese to taste secret taste that has been produced by love such as MENU of the ceremony in SAIKABO. Please enjoy secret taste in Korea casually.

■Chijimi, stone-grilled bibimbap set 1,650 yen
■Chijimi, sundubuchigesetto 1,760 yen
■Cheese dak galbi set 1,650 yen

■Bulgogi 1,870 yen (two people ...)
■samugyopusamusetto 1,760 yen (two people ...)
■Budae jjigae 1,650 yen (two people ...)

※Price is all tax-included.

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