Set meal & Cafe
Obon de Gohan
Obon de Gohan

Set meal & CAFE to be able to enjoy in set meal-style casually. Lineup that does not get tired no matter how much we can choose main side dish from 20 kinds or more and go to visit. In the natural shop, Cafe MENU is fulfilling, too.

■Sweet potato cheese teriyaki set meal 1,265 yen of chicken
Contents: Main, seasonal small dish, half-curded tofu, salad, pickle, rice (available than two kinds), miso soup
■Avocado bowl 1,265 yen of roasting salmon
Contents: Bowl, salad, pickle, miso soup
■Yukhoejang Udon 1,298 yen of clams and tomato
Contents: Udon, small bowl (available than three kinds), pickle
■Soak; fisherman's soup stock chazuke 1,045 yen of tuna
Contents: Rice, stock, seasonal small dish, half-curded tofu, pickle, spice
■Chocolate sauce (strawberry milk ice) 660 yen of buckwheat flour de Crape strawberry and adzuki bean
Contents: Buckwheat flour Crape, strawberry milk ice, strawberry, adzuki bean, whip, pie, chocolate sauce

※Price is all tax-included.

Store hours

11:00-23:00 (L.O.22:30)

Phone number


The number of the seats 66 seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Nothing
Child chair Existence
Takeout Nothing
Reserved correspondence Impossibility
Reservation Impossibility
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking