Store specializing in Szechuan cuisine
Chengdu Chen mapo tofu

Chen mapo tofu has been loved as one of the specialties of Sichuan for more than 150 years by many people. It is said that origin named Chen mapo tofu is because cheeks of "Chen old woman" who is the founder had pockmark (in Chinese Asako). Our store protects tradition as store specializing in Sichuan restaurants and conveys culture of Sichuan and wants to spread.

■Mapo tofu set (with zha cai, rice, soup, Chinese tea, almond jelly) 1,230 yen

■naritomeishokitsu 570 yen of Mr. and Mrs. Kuo
■Mapo tofu 1,355 yen of Chengdu City Main Store
■Hoiko-ro- 1,049 yen of home Sichuan
■Chicken sauteed with red pepper 1,049 yen
■Water gyoza (two) 306 yen of bell
■Tantanmen 510 yen of home Sichuan

<takeout MENU>
■naritomeishokitsu 560 yen of Mr. and Mrs. Kuo
■Mapo tofu 1,330 yen of Chengdu City Main Store
■Hoiko-ro- 1,030 yen of home Sichuan
■Water gyoza (two) 300 yen of bell
■Home Sichuan shrimps with chili sauce 1,430 yen
■Chicken sauteed with red pepper 1,030 yen

※Price is all tax-included. Takeout MENU becomes the price of reduction tax rate (8%).

Store hours

11:00-23:00 (L.O.22:00)

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The number of the seats 52 seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Existence
Child chair Existence
Takeout Existence
Reserved correspondence Possible
Reservation Possible
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking