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Migliaccio (miriatcho) means in Italian "a lot". Strong thought of chef called ... wanting you want to provide many dishes wanting many customers to come and to eat a lot is loaded store's name with. Ingredients use fresh seafood which they stocked in chef oneself market. It puts together in the number of people and the scene, preference, and, from abundant a la carte MENU, it is feeling of our restaurant that can order.

Pasta set 1,500 yen
・Homemade bread, salad or soup, today's Pasta (you have a choice between three kinds), today's DOLCE, Cafe

Steak set 3,500 yen
・Produce homemade bread, salad, Hokkaido; hood beef ribulose, today's DOLCE, Cafe

※Lunch can add main dishes in +1,300 yen ... in Pasta for +1,000 yen.

Slightly deluxe lunch course 2,800 yen
・Assorted homemade bread, salad and appetizers, today's Pasta (you have a choice between three kinds), main dishes, today's DOLCE assortment, Cafe

Recommended a la carte

・Capri-style 1,000 yen of Naples direct shipment water buffalo mozzarella cheese and cherry tomato
・Domestic beef stewed with spicy tomato 1,000 yen of stomach "trippa"
・Tomato sauce 1,500 yen of supagettoni water buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil
・Play Hokkaido; slice grill "tariata" Toyohashi product rucola and with Parmigiano 3,000 yen of hood beef

Prefix dinner course
A: Appetizer, Pasta dishes, DOLCE Cafe 2,800 yen
B: Appetizer, Pasta dishes, main dishes, DOLCE Cafe 5,000 yen

※Price is all tax-included.

The miriatcho appearance
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Store hours

Weekdays 11:00-15:30 (L.O.14:00), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-16:00 (L.O.15:00)
Weekdays 17:30-23:00 (L.O.21:30), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 17:30-23:00 (L.O.21:30)

Phone number


Official site
The number of the seats 60 seats
Private room Existence
Child MENU Existence
Child chair Existence
Takeout Nothing
Reserved correspondence Possible
Reservation Possible
Smoking information Some smoking 
※ Terrace (as for the meal, impossible)