washokutoko of Japanese yam Tororojiru
Japanese-style rice grated yam

Taste increases by providing with all dishes, and hanging "grated yam" with big earthenware mortar for 20 minutes, and printing off, and grated yam which flavor is rich in is completed. We send Japanese-style rice which we made use of the subject matter in in all.

■Greed lunch 1,405 yen ※30 meals of daily limitation
(side dish three points "something sticky of salmon" "fried food" "stewed foods")
■Japanese-style rice eyeball lunch 1,738 yen
(side dish a week changes)
■Grilled fish lunch 1,509 yen
■Nishikyo roast lunch 1,623 yen of silver salmon

■Six kinds of colorful low dining table 1,980 yen
(side dish six points "brewing sake from the finest rice kasuzuke of flatfish" "dried pollack dried cod salad of prawns and yam" "yam croquette" "sea foods something sticky" "shiitake grated yam *" "bowl insect")
■Something sticky set 1,729 yen of salmon
■Flatfish grilled with brewing sake from the finest rice kasuzuke set 1,870 yen
※As for the dinner MENU, order is possible daylong.

※Price is all tax-included.

Store hours

11:00-23:00 (L.O.22:00)

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The number of the seats 66 seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Existence
Child chair Existence
Takeout Nothing
Reserved correspondence Possible
Reservation It is possible partly
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking