Store specializing in soup
Soup Stock Tokyo
Soup Stock Tokyo

"Soup Stock TOKYO" is specialty store of "soup" to eat setting up 50 stores or more in the whole country. We keep the making of labor and time or figure product in mind without using chemical seasoning, synthetic dyes, synthetic sweetener, preservatives to have you taste material original taste. Please enjoy type-rich original recipe to change every week. In addition, please enjoy "life with soup" at table at home as you install frozen showcase and offer frozen soup of business taking away.

Soup stock set 1,012 yen
Soup one piece of article 649 yen ...

※Price is all tax-included. In the case of takeout, it becomes the price of reduction tax rate (8%).

Store hours

11:00-21:00 (L.O.20:45)

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The number of the seats 44 seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Nothing
Child chair Existence 
Takeout Existence
Reserved correspondence Impossibility
Reservation Impossibility
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking