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Linz chocolate Cafe
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Linz is founded in Switzerland in 1845. It is premium chocolate brand loved in the above of the world in 120 countries now. Meter Chocolatier of Linz brought about ultimate taste of Linz chocolate with passion and devotion and innovative spirit for 170 years. Blissful place where Linz chocolate Cafe can experience the world of chocolate of such Linz with Gokan. Many various chocolate and chocolate sweets which meter Chocolatier shows its skill to looks forward to by gorgeous parcel sweetly including chocolate phosphorus Dole of familiar Linz first popularity.

Linz soft serve chocolate dark/milk/mixture 699 yen

※Price is all tax-included.

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The number of the seats Eight seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Nothing
Child chair Nothing
Takeout Existence
Reserved correspondence Impossibility
Reservation Impossibility
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking