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Gion tea room X Tanitaka feh ®

"Gion tea room" and collaboration store with "Tanitaka feh ®" which healthy general company TANITA develops which sweetness and Obanzai magistrate in charge of managing the shogunate's private property can enjoy. Rich MENU to be able to enjoy to collaboration MENU in addition to original MENU of Gion tea room casually is lineup. Takeout product is substantial, too.

■Gion tea room X Tanitaka feh ® collaboration MENU
・Roast beef one plate 1,639 yen
・Burn with avocado; wasabi Mayo sauce Bergh one plate 1,705 yen of cheese

■Gion tea room original MENU
・Hitsumabushi (one piece of article) 1,254 yen of Tai-chazuke-style Shio-konbu, it is 1,573 yen (with three kinds of Obanzai)
・Parmigiano cheese cliff tomato soup Udon ongyoku topping (one piece of article) 979 yen, it is 1, 2,983 yen (with three kinds of Obanzai)
・Carbonara Udon (one piece of article) 979 yen of Mentaiko and dried bean curds, it is 1,297 yen (with three kinds of Obanzai)

※Price is all tax-included. Takeout MENU becomes the price of reduction tax rate (8%).

Store hours

11:00-21:00 (L.O.20:30)

Phone number


Official site
The number of the seats 18 seats
Private room Nothing
Child MENU Nothing
Child chair Existence
Takeout Existence
Reserved correspondence Impossibility
Reservation Impossibility
Smoking information Entirely non-smoking