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We pick up popular series "BRAGENIC+" (burajienikkupurasu) of basic burajienikku! <double up structure> <wide seat structure> "wireless Bra to be able to serve in" underwire grade with + <suddenly pad> <tape cross structure> well more than usual burajienikku. As height appears, it is recommended in season in knit with heaviness. Rich design which brings on atmosphere that embroidery lace of print of feather is adult. In addition, we give satin tape and are the finish which there is sense of quality. Coloring that is chic more is brassiere which is good in winter. You put up bust in "BRAGENIC+" and raise feeling, and please enjoy cold season.

<AMPHI> 3,960 yen that includes BRAGENIC+ tax  ※Price varies according to size.

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