We are selling limited item which combined ingredient of rice with sake lees!


Limited soap and humidity retention face pack which combined domestic raw materials only in Japan where gives favorable reception to come up in this season every year. It is recommended to the seasonal bare skin care to dry.
We wash soap of humidity retention distribution of the ingredients that we extracted from rice rice bran oil softening skin and sake lees of refined sake with moisture without taking too much sebum.
Type that humidity retention face pack washes away. In addition to rice rice bran oil of emollient ingredient, we combine ceramide derived from sake lees extract, rice with pure mijiu as humidity retention ingredient. We lead to gowatsukioyawarage, skin smooth with moisture.
Limited number of "sake lees/rice"
■Handmade botanika Le soap (100 g) tax-included 480 yen
■Moisture face pack (130 g) tax-included 1,617 yen
※We finish sale as soon as it disappears.

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