Under item sale that "repeats, and is usable" recommended to my bottle and my bag


MARKS&WEB continues manufacturing with safety and Balance of circumstantial usefulness since brand birth carefully. We are selling item which "is usable as one of the new approaches to environment repeatedly" this time.
"Stainless steel drink bottle" which is usable as my bottle repeatedly is convenient in spite of being slim shape to carry at capacity of 300 ml. The body weight is lightness of 125 g, too. Of course, in coming season when the purchase frequency of drink increases, please come to gift for the one for you. We use cloth for nylon which "pocketable nylon bag" is light, and is strong. When not in use, we store in flat and can carry. Capacity is plentiful and is recommended to use at the time of movement not only as my bag at the time of shopping with much baggage.
Item "usable repeatedly" of MARKS&WEB which is available in various scenes. Please see by all means at store.

<MARKS&WEB> each limited number of stainless steel drink bottles (white, gray) tax-included 1,980 yen
           Pocketable nylon bag (W47.5 X H35 X D15cm) tax-included 2,310 yen
※Limited number of products will finish sale as soon as it becomes out of stock.

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