Flower and flavor seasonally limited "NERO re/orange" sweet easily of fruit


Series of flavor of flower and fruit sweet easily which blended NERO reessential oil which we extracted from flower of Daidai and orange essential oil which we extracted from rind of a fruit of orange is appearance this year.
In addition to 4 items of body care, we offered face care item of high humidity retention type in this season. High moisturizing skin toner of human ceramide combination to give moisture and tension on skin and liquid cosmetics which keep moisture for a long time. It moisturizes while being relaxed in Nero reto orangery feeling at ease relievedly, and, for autumn when air gradually dries, do you not care?

<MARKS&WEB> Attributive "NERO re/orange"
・Moisture body soap (250 ml) tax-included 1,360 yen
・Haba Le bath salts (240 g) tax-included 1,730 yen
・Her BARBO D cream (130 g) tax-included 2,010 yen
・Moisture hand cream (65 g) tax-included 1,720 yen
・Moisture Haba Le water (110 ml) tax-included 2,000 yen
・Haba Le moisture riser (50 ml) tax-included 2,860 yen

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