Autumn gourmet & Sweets Festa

Autumn gourmet & Sweets Festa

Vegetables and mushrooms, food Festival to reach season delicious in autumn including chestnut! Well, let's go to meet "autumn of appetite"!

Toe the HARBS

Tagliatelle 1,518 yen of porcini and three kinds of mushrooms 

We fried porcini and shiitake, mushrooms, three kinds of mushrooms of Grifola frondosa and had topping of four kinds of Herbs. Flat noodles coil themselves round salt-based sauce well, and flavor of mellow mushrooms stimulates appetite.

Obon de Gohan

[7F/Obon de Gohan]
Hamburg steak vegetable sauce set meal 1,155 yen of staple grains hijikia fusiformis and tofu

We kneaded a mixture of tofu, chicken ground meat, staple grains, hijikia fusiformis, salt kelp, yam, green onion and had healthy Hamburg steak. It is with mushrooms which taste that stock is kind to Hamburg steak of texture that we did softly heard
You fully put bean jam, and have.

Kanazawa maimon Sushi crest of an ume flowers bower

[8F/Kanazawa maimon Sushi crest of an ume flowers bower]
Autumn gokansei ri 1,540 yen

Sushi 5 kan set which included the seasonal material such as parent and child rolls of salmon in rockfish, bonito, shiitake that there were GAS prawns and fat lifted the ban on from September and invited the most delicious season to. Autumn taste is felt well.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Sunday, October 11

Chengdu Chen mapo tofu

[8F/Chengdu Chen mapo tofu]
Hot sauteed lotus root and chicken 980 yen

We fried lotus root that texture was fresh and juicy chicken with doubanjiang with bright ingredients such as red bell pepper or green onion briskly. It is one dish that is good to both rice and liquor by hot seasoning that Japanese pepper is fragrant.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31

Japanese-style rice grated yam

[8F/Japanese-style rice grated yam]
Six kinds of autumn colorful low dining table 1,980 yen

Special low dining table of only in this season when we remade "grated yam" and six kinds of color set of popularity with autumn ingredients. As for the 30 items including chawanmushi of Saikyoyaki and mushrooms of silver salmon or more material, very nutritious; and appearance is gorgeous, too.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31

Hamburg steak & grill MA MAISON kitchen

[7F/Hamburg steak & grill MA MAISON kitchen]
Flavor 1,628 yen of French oden Hamburg steak porcini

Limited MENU which adjusted vaunted Hamburg steak to daikon stewed with CONSOMME. Porcini cream sauce and Demi miso sauce are correct with ingredients well in autumns such as colorful chestnut or mushroom studded with wealthily. Please thoroughly enjoy Hamburg steak and mariaju of oden.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※Only as for the dinner ※Salad, bread, with soup


Mushrooms stone-grilled bibimbap & pumpkin chijimi set 1,760 yen 

Special set which we put chijimi that namul of mushrooms made use of sweetness of pumpkin in main stone-grilled bibimbap. In the outside, sticky specially made chijimi comes with topping with cheese for +220 yen during being high-strung.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※Dinner includes dessert for +220 yen

Live fish dishes maruha Restaurant

[8F/live fish dishes maruha Restaurant]
Seafood gratin set meal 1,650 yen of autumn taste

Gratin which we used vegetables and autumn seafood including young yellowtail for abundantly in autumn such as mushrooms. Seafood salad changes several kinds of fresh fish by day. It is ◎. that enjoys with liquor because we can offer even gratin one piece of article at night
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※Only as for the weekdays lunch ※It is only for 15 meals of every day

Pail dishes uttoko

[we sell 8F/pail dishes]
Autumn basket lunch 2,300 yen

We fully packed grilled dish and chestnut, gingko nut, bulbil of saury, autumn ingredients including fig prosciutto ham into Hoba which opened out. Please taste with boiled dish in a teapot which you made use of flavor of mushrooms in and hot Mushi-zushi with conger eel and prawns.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※Only as for the dinner ※It is only for ten meals of every day

※Price is all tax-included.

Feel at Eads juice kitchen

[B1F/ feel at Eads juice kitchen]
Fig parfait 600 yen

Parfait which is unbearable for fig enthusiast which used fig from Aichi which ripened fully indulgently thickly for about one. Soft flesh full of delicacy matches frank yoghurt software well.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Thursday, October 15
※It is finished as soon as it disappears 


Petit MONTBLANC (with six) 918 yen, (with 12) 1,620 yen

MONTBLANC of a basic mouthful size of "PINĒDE." We put fresh cream and MONTBLANC cream on damando cloth. Handing over by freezing is recommended to present to distant place by possibility, too.


[B1F/ chizupige]
Sweet potato for each 420 yen

Quite popular limited sand comes up this year every year. We matched sweet potato with cream cheese and did sand with purple potato cookies. Match best sweetness having a gentle purple potato and heavy cream cheese.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※It is finished as soon as it disappears


[B1F/ andozafuritto]
Sweet potato SWEET "SATSUMA" FRIET (REGULAR) 580 yen

Fritto with sweet potato from the United States as straight cut of on the small side. We can enjoy different taste again when we make dip to light mayonnaise with cider vinegar. With mild texture, it matches snacks of liquor quickly.

The Lipton tea stands

[the B1F/ Lipton tea stands]
Fruits in Tea Kyoho (cup) 850 yen (ICE tumbler) 1,350 yen (HOT tumbler) 1,850 yen 

Fruit in tea which fully used sweet, fresh and juicy Kyoho is appearance this year only in amount & period! It is sweet, and taste is condensed by compact grain. Is felt that drink while crushing Kyoho with straw taste of Kyoho even more; and ◎.
Period: From Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
※It is finished as soon as it disappears

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM

[B1F/ Afternoon Tea TEAROOM]
KING & QUEEN exhibition collaboration autumn Afternoon Tea set
1,859 yen

Autumn-limited special set which imaged teatime in the U.K. You choose Black Tea you like as three kinds of limited Sweets and pumpkin and sand one kind of Cucumber in parfait of homemade shortcake and shine muscat of marron, autumn of basque-style Cheesecake of Naruto kintoki and can have.
Period: From Thursday, October 1 to Wednesday, November 11
※Offer time is ... at 14:00 ※It is finished as soon as it disappears

※Price is all tax-included. Reduction tax rate (8%) is mixed with standard tax rate (10%).

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