graphzero POP UP STORE


graphzero which was popular at the time of event holding last time. We send "feelings from zero to manufacturing and genuine article" from Kurashiki. Factory brand "graphzero" which started from clothier in domestic jeans birthplace, Kojima in 2004 to make genuine MADE IN JAPAN. We perform "all "manufacturing from ground zero" from design of cloth to manufacturing and selling from design of cloth" in concept in-house and realize "builder" and manufacturing utilized "customer" both glances.
Manufacturing full of unprecedented world feelings creating by oneself. In addition, based on accumulation of technique about textile design, we develop material which respected good point of both the old and the new including complicated woven design to be able to weave simply because it is traditional taste that we can express only in old power loom and the latest innovation weaving machine and product.
"Denim" which "snuggles up to our life, and ticks away time in daily livings together. That attachment increases so as to wear if we wear as vain existence used in instant and is existence (partner) to have you marry for a long time…. We search new possibility of denim on chest in such thought every day.
Creation from ground zero moving forward with graphzero which will begin from now on beginning in here. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In addition, denim brand "D.D.Kingdom" of "D buno, D buniyoru, D bunotame" starts in earnest newly. 2D of President Inoue of factory brand that  promoter represents Kojima, "graphzero" representative Suzuki and "TCBjeans" representative. This brand which is brought about mainly on two which was blessed with big bodies with the greed a little bit than people.  is comfortable, and it suggests full-scale denim life to person who gave up many jeans when "size to be good for oneself is not found".