We present hand cream by checkered ‼ retweet in "# LACHIC hand cream 2020"‼

We present hand cream by retweet‼

Period: January 1, 2020 (Wed/holiday) - Friday, January 31

On LACHIC homepage, we released "hand cream to choose in LACHIC" in conjunction with LACHIC magazine January issue! Furthermore, we present one point of either from hand cream of publication to to ten by lot from one that retweeted by target article after follow in LACHIC official Twitter "@ lachic_nagoya" in LACHIC magazine January.

You can see information of hand cream even from this. → "Hand cream flock" to choose in LACHIC

※We do with successful announcement with DM (direct message) of Twitter. (the middle of February, 2020 plan)
※Hand cream of present cannot be chosen.

<application method>

①We respond in LACHIC official Twitter @lachic_nagoya
②We retweet by target article
 Search by "# LACHIC hand cream 2020"!

Hand cream flock

<lottery method, successful announcement, handing over method>

After fair lottery, we decide elected candidate. I send DM (direct message) of Twitter to person elected about receipt method. We do with successful announcement with this DM. We plan around the middle of February, 2020 at shipment time.

・Successful right becomes invalid in case such as account name (ID) that DM where follow is off at the time of election cannot transmit (reception refusal), and account is deleted being changed.
・When we judge us including application in plural accounts by the same person to be unjust, lottery becomes not intended.
・In the case of private account (account with key), lottery becomes not intended.
・Application is limited to Japan toward the house.
・When there is not answer, we invalidate election by date listed in DM of successful communication.
・Right of election becomes thing of the person, transfer to third party cannot realize.
・We cannot answer inquiry about this campaign, individual successful confirmation.
・Publication contents may be changed without notice.

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