Limited series that natural essential oil of bergamot & peppermint is fragrant


We blend bergamot essential oil of flavor of sweet-sour, bitter citrus fruit and peppermint essential oil of refreshing flavor. Good limited series is appearance this year in coming season. "Her BALS Culp Creek cleansing gel" which is recommended to seasonal scalp care to sweat that had favorable reception last year is lineup. It is usability that is refreshing by menthol combination clearly.
In addition, it keeps hand cream which is popular among body care item, gifts such as scrubs for body soap and body. Please see by all means at store. 

Limited bergamot/peppermint
・Her BALS Culp Creek cleansing gel (130 ml) tax-included 1,639 yen
・Her BARBO D soap (250 ml) tax-included 1,155 yen
・Handmade botanika Le soap (100 g) tax-included 480 yen
・Haba Le massage scrub (200 g) tax-included 1,617 yen
・Haba Le bath salts (240 g) tax-included 1,617 yen
・Haba Le hand cream (65 g) tax-included 1,529 yen

※It becomes the end as soon as it disappears. 

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