Limited item of flavor of refreshing MINT


Recommended limited item comes up this year in hot and humid season! Humidity retention gel "face moisture after sun gel" for gentle refreshing face combines acerola extract fixing texture of skin. As we give dry skin after sunburn a good moisture, it is good to summer humidity retention care. "Moisture rising after sun gel" of features is recommended to physical humidity retention the chilly feel. It releases soap which combined sun-dried salt tightening skin at the same time. With flavor of refreshing spearmint that sweetness is felt inside, please enjoy summer bathtime.

■Limited number of moisture rising after sun gel (130 g)     Tax-included 1,507 yen
■Limited number of face moisture after sun gel (75 ml) tax-included 1,650 yen
(each peppermint/peppermint)
■Limited number of handmade botanika Le soap MINT/salt (100 g) tax-included 480 yen

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