Limited series that grapefruit & eucalyptus is fragrant debuts!


Seasonally limited series that combined natural essential oil of eucalyptus with grapefruit is appearance newly. Flavor of clean Herbs is good with fresh and young citrus fruit fruit and clear in coming season. In addition to 4 items mainly on body care, we offered lotion for whole body that face-wash form and refreshing feel that sparkle was rich were comfortable. Of course clean flavor is recommended as summer present for the one for you by light car.

<MARKS&WEB> limited grapefruit/eucalyptus
・Haba Le washing form (120 g) tax-included 1,276 yen
・Her BARBO D soap (250 ml) tax-included 1,155 yen
・Haba Le massage scrub (200 g) tax-included 1,617 yen
・Haba Le bath salts (240 g) tax-included 1,617 yen
・Body & face her BALS play (80 ml) tax-included 891 yen

※It is finished as soon as it disappears. 

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