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This season when bud begins to swell out of flower is time of preparations for new life under the winter cold. New encounter and life begin, and even our living is brought up so that flower and young leave send out buds. If, for such a new life, you can let you support your living…. We prepare Interior which you can see in peach natura Le. It is dining set that decides image of room in particular in that. Size order is possible and can combine with favorite chair and…. As you have a choice between material of different tree and various designs, comfort, please sense bodily by all means. It is recommended that by one piece puts favorites together.
We will start spring fair "free delivery campaign" on Friday, February 14 in peach natura Le. We give basic delivery charges free by the purchase tax-included 165,000 yen or more with target product by this fair. In preparation of spring living, please take advantage of this advantageous opportunity.

'20 spring fair "free delivery campaign"
・The purchase, basic delivery charges give a service 165,000 yen including target product tax or more
<target product>
・It is customer of the purchase in Furniture, sofa order curtain order rag, lighting, Accessories on the same day in purchase, equivalence shipping address
※Sale product becomes out of campaign object. In addition, with other campaigns coupon cannot use together.
※Optional rate, wage, outside hanging ryo, preliminary inspection estimate charges, particularly local delivery charges are targeted for the addition separately.
※It is limited to peach natural toward the purchase by visit directly.
※Order by telephone, FAX, email is excluded.

■LACHIC 6F peach natura Le/TEL 052-259-6550