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2020 autumn campaign "free shipping campaign"

Peach natura Le "2020 autumn campaign "free shipping campaign"

Item which gains popularity in online site that renewed the other day "DAY SOFA." It is Law sofa which was designed to be able to run life to sit down "all day long", and to lie down according to the name. As for flat large bearing surface such as bed raising its leg let alone lying, and sitting down, and relaxing. To height that the low back is just right to put arm. In addition, design which is compact in pursuit of thinness of bearing surface generally is a feeling of size that we are easy to lay out in anywhere of room. To taste of Interior, we can have you prefer to about 130 kinds of fabrics. Now that new way of working, exploring to way of living begin, and time to spend in house increased, house is changing in place spending more various scenes. Therefore how about fixing "space that there wants to be all the time" with favorite item?

Well, we will start autumn fair "free shipping campaign" on Friday, September 18 in peach natura Le.
Period: From Friday, September 18, 2020 to Monday, October 26
Contents: Basic delivery charges give a service in Purchase tax-included 110,000 yen or more (Furniture, sofa rag order curtain, lighting, Accessories)
※Optional rate, wage, outside hanging ryo, preliminary inspection estimate charges, particularly local delivery charges are excluded.
※Sale product is excluded.

With living that is familiar to days in snuggle, comfortable calm time.
Please take advantage of this advantageous opportunity.

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