+2 points of up!

+2 points of up!

<card Use period>
From Wednesday, February 19, 2020 to 25th (Tue)

<coupon entry period>
2020 age Wednesday, February 12 12:00 - 26th (Wed) 21:00

We present at the MI Point +2 points future for a limited time when you use card which MI CARD commencing with LACHIC card and MI CARD plus issues by entry and LACHIC on coupon delivered to MI CARD application during period. Per 100 yen (tax-included), +2 point of up to 3 points, 7F, 8F Restaurants usually usually improve B1F - 6F to +2 point of 1 point!

※Point grant of present is plan of the middle of March, 2020.
※Point of present is point to be available only during period from point grant day to Sunday, April 26, 2020 for a limited time.

※There are temporary card, VIORO card, Kashima Shrine card, outside card targeted for some campaigns including nimoca MI CARD. ※ROLEX boutique meadow beaut becomes out of point grant object. In addition, there is outside shop, product targeted for some points grant including event. ※We have MI CARD application log in after downloading, and entry to coupon service is necessary. ※Only person having card which MI CARD issues can use MI CARD application. ※Packet transmission costs at the time of the application use of customer burden. ※The use of card and entry of coupon will add up for each card. When used card member has entry on coupon, we become a target. ※When we do plural entries on the same coupon, it becomes one entry. ※Use during period and front and back of coupon entry do not matter.

Entry by MI CARD application is necessary

Regardless of the date of entry, Purchase until from Wednesday, February 19 to Tuesday, February 25 is object. Please do entry in this campaign than "coupon service" after application login.

Application login needs, Web MI CARD sign-in. Person who does not finish registration, please perform registration and entry procedure by 21:00 on Wednesday, February 26. (after the application login, we can perform from screen)

About downloading of MI CARD application from this↓↓

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