4F Accessories, bag and others
Message We leave not only Accessories sale but also the stocking, ordering of products to the store staff. We can make shop of oneself original with sense of "we are pretty" with products.

Job offer information

The type of job ①Regular staff
②Part-time job (full-time)
Job specifications Sale
Condition More than high-school graduate, we welcome experienced person experience no object, inexperienced welcome ※High school student impossibility
Working hours The first shift, late shift shift (10:00-21:10 ※ actual work 8h)
Holiday ①Eight days a month
②Shift osodan
Service ①Salary 185,000 yen ... (during internship salary 183,600 yen)
※There are transportation expenses (provide until 30,000 yen/month), overtime allowance (the total amount supply), bonus twice a year (according to the results), is system, existence particularly three times a year free on holiday raise in salary once a year in existence (according to the results), housing allowance (provide until 22,000 yen/month), employee discount, various equipped with insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity, unemployment insurance, workmen's accident compensation insurance), paid vacations

②Hourly wage 1,020 yen ...
※Employee discount, unemployment insurance, workmen's accident compensation insurance, paid vacation system (more than six months, it applies by duty more than 11 days a month), transportation expenses (we provide until 30,000 yen/month)

Application method

Please do WEB entry from our HP.

■Reference Sanpo create

■TEL 082-243-4070

■Charge job offer charge