4F Bag
Message Do you not work together in person who is interested in waiting on customers, brightly cheerful person, BAG'n'NOUN? Warm welcome that can work for inexperienced & long term! 

Job offer information

The type of job Part/part-time job 
Job specifications Waiting on customers sale 
Condition High school student impossibility 
Working hours 10:30-21:00 (actual work 6.5 hours ..., shift system) part time 10:30-17:00
Holiday Week from 2 to 5 duty ※Consultation required 
Hourly wage 900 yen ...
Regular duty (three times a week or more) hourly wage 1,000 yen ... ※There is internship

Application method

Please refer over telephone.

■Reference peanut 菜園 BAG'n'NOUN LACHIC shop

■TEL 052-259-6452

■Charge Kojima (kojima)