5F Ladies' is men's
Message We need human resources of, a variety of sense of values in the times when this change is busy. It recruits people who had both greediness for result of business and sensitivity such as sense of beauty and pleasure for fashion. Even new college graduate is halfway, but is the high workplace of flexibility that self-chance that can be realized is given if there are any talent and passion and acting power.

Job offer information

The type of job Contracted employee
Job specifications Sale, waiting on customers at Barbour direct management store and other accompaniments duties
Condition ・ With sale experience of kind treatment which has handled brand called Barbour and, Barbour brand that there was knowledge for products and liked above all required more than sale experience three years, import brand
Working hours 10:00-19:00, 11:00-20:00, 12:30-21:30 (shift system)
Holiday Eight days a month, paid vacation, refresh vacation (half term 6th/12 days a year), other congratulations or condolence vacations
Service ・Salary around 3 million-3.5 million yen * experience, ability is treated well after consideration by our regulations
※There is the Yagi Tsusho group sales force training that there is shahan in even in various insurance perfection, commutation allowances, employee discount, other brands in group

Application method

Please apply from Yagi Tsusho corporate site.

■Reference soup Reem's Incorporated
■TEL 03-6809-2735
■Charge Tanaka (Tanaka)