4F Ladies' is men's
Message As for the staff, there are many fashion enthusiasts! Do you not work happily together?

Job offer information

The type of job ①Part-time job ② employee 
Job specifications Sale
Condition Student, part are possible and welcome inexperienced person
Working hours Three days a week ... ※Please feel free to contact at time.
Holiday It follows shift ※We consider hope.
Service ①Part-time job hourly wage 1,100 yen ... (experienced person kind treatment), student hourly wage 1,000 yen ...
Five days a week eight hours duty (shift system) a day, equipped with transportation expenses supply (there is the upper limit) various social insurance ※There is employee appointment system
②Regular staff salary 220,000 yen or more (experienced person kind treatment)
8-9 times a month of holidays (shift system), transportation expenses supply (there is the upper limit), equipped with various social insurance


Application method

Clearly stating desired reason, self-PR, store which wish to work, please bring resume in mail or store to the following address. After paper screening, only passer does information for interview within two weeks.
※Please note that you do not return resume.
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The central part area
〒650-0035 59, Naniwamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi Asahi, Godo building 9F Bshop (charge Tamura)

■Reference Bshop

■Charge Tamura (tamura)