3F Ladies' is men's
Message It is recruitment of sales forces in world group. DRESSTERIOR recruits which can make the making of shop which can want to come again while taking communication with customer together.

Job offer information

The type of job ①Contracted employee
②Regular staff
Job specifications Sale
Condition ①Person who is older than high-school graduate, apparel experienced person
②Person who is older than high-school graduate
Working hours 10:30-21:30 ※We can talk about shift.
Holiday A five-day working week
Service ①Salary 250,000 yen or more
②Hourly wage 930 yen - 1,100 yen


Application method

Please refer over telephone.

■Reference world store partners
■TEL 0120-048-077 (reception hours: on weekdays/9:30-18:30)
■Charge job offer charge