3F Ladies' is men's
Message As the store staff of ESTNATION, you coordinate lifestyle of customer for total, and please propose. We suggest samazamama product while customer sensing "what do you seek?" sensitively now, and getting relationship of mutual trust by careful communication. 

Job offer information

The type of job

The store staff (women men)

①Regular staff

②Part-time job 

Job specifications Waiting on customers sale mainly on wear 
Condition Treating people, person having mind to feel that we please if fun, with dispatch suggesting power and that which are interested in the wide field, and can absorb knowledge positively 
Working hours Actual work 7.75 hours (shift) 

①Nine days a month (shift system) summer, winter season, paid vacation, congratulations or condolence vacation, annual holiday 117 days

②Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 3-5 days a week duty including the first shift, late shift 


Commuting transportation expenses are supply, overtime pay by our regulations, and there are various social insurance perfection, employee discount system

①There is post allowance in raise in salary once a year, bonus twice a year

There are worker's property accumulation savings system, reinstatement support system, the training system according to hierarchy, welfare program service (cafeteria plan)

②There is regular staff appointment system  

Application method

Please send resume (photograph pasting), curriculum vitae by mail or email to the following address. After paper screening, I will inform only when I have an interview.

※Please list hope (regular staff or parttimer) that is in the employment form in resume.

※Interview ground is Nagoya-shi.

※We will not return application.

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〒151-8575 2-22-16, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

■Reference SAZABY league ESTNATION Company

■TEL 03-6758-3385

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