Frey eye D

2F Ladies'
Message ◇◆With FRAY I.D♪
Styling design which leads the coming times in concept in "NEW MODE CARRIER." Is of good quality to be able to regain "pleasure" in original clothes; with article suggest combination, next-generation new mode carrier to "mode" which is advanced in "is elegant", and is full of self-expression.
◇◆As the training system is substantial, we are inexperienced and are reliable ♪ MASH group to run is general creative company presenting wide business including fashion cosmetics foods sports, EC, real estate. We can play an active part in environment that is easy to act that matched own lifestyle only by such "MASH" for a long time!
A lot of charm to come true because it is MASH! Brand transfer and carrier change depending on experience are possible, too♪
◇◆Company percent application in MASH group ♪ As employee discount is usable with all business styles, we can go to work in favorite fashion, cosmetics let alone improvement of private♪

Job offer information

The type of job ①Part-time job
②Regular staff
Job specifications  Sale
Condition Person who is available for five days a week, 7.5H duty
Working hours 10:30-21:30 (shift system)
Holiday Eight days a month
Service ①Hourly wage 1,000 yen ... 
②Salary 195,000 yen ...        
※Experienced person kind treatment, social insurance perfection, part-time jobber welcome, educational background no object, existence for the employee up    

Application method

Please apply from site.

■Reference MASH-style laboratory

■TEL 052-269-2760

■Charge Yoshida (yoshida)