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Job offer information

The type of job Regular staff
Job specifications Sale, product rearranging
Condition 18 years or older, non-experience are possible and welcome sale experienced person
Working hours Shift system (10:30-21:30)
Holiday 8-10 a month holiday

・Term of trial: Available (during ※ term of trial junior employee, principle three months)
※When company admits that it is inadequate as regular staff by the end of term of trial, we may finish hiring
・Monthly basis: 230,000 yen - 270,000 yen
・Base salary: 200,000 yen - 220,000 yen
・Overtime pay: 30,000 yen - 50,000 yen
※We provide based on principle, the results of the actual working hours
 In addition, the amount of money mentioned above is estimate in case of the duty results of 20-30 a month time
・Late-night medical treatment: Available
・Bonus: Available
※There is no bonus supply during junior employee period
※It fluctuates by result for achievements and personal evaluation of the whole organization
・Raise in salary, promotion: We let you reflect full-year evaluation result to raise in salary, promotion

※Equipped with raise in salary once a year, bonus social insurance twice a year various transportation expenses (to monthly basis upper limit 50,000 yen), discount, contract sanitarium, worker's property accumulation savings, retirement bonus system (but being on the register roll three years or more apply in regular staffs) in the company (health insurance, welfare annuity, unemployment insurance, workmen's accident compensation insurance)

Application method

①From our corporate site entry
②Resume, curriculum vitae mail

■Reference bay cruise personnel department FA adoption charge

■TEL 03-5457-0801

■Charge personnel affairs Tahara (tahara) 

■URL [email protected]