5F Naturalism Cosmetics, life Accessories
Message We sympathize with idea of manufacturing of MARKS&WEB and look forward to person who can make brand with us, which it likes to contact with people, application of which wants to work for a long time by man and woman no object.

Job offer information

The type of job Regular staff
Job specifications Waiting on customers, sale, product display and ordering duties
Condition Inexperienced person is possible, man and woman no object ※Term of trial three months existence (there is no salary change)
Working hours 10:30-21:30
(actual work eight hours/shift system)
Holiday Eight days a month ※Other paid vacations, age holiday (eight days a year), the congratulations or condolence vacation, compassionate leave
Service Salary 180,000 yen
Transportation expenses actual expenses supply (to 30,000 yen a month), social insurance perfection, before childbirth after giving birth closure, parental leave (fukukaesagojitantsutomemuyu), medical examination, employee discount system, we review once a year bonus twice a year financial statements bonus once a year, store bonus system once a year, retirement bonus system of salary ※It depends on our regulations  

Application method

Please mail entry or resume (photograph attachment, application type of job specification), two points of curriculum vitae (format freedom) at the following from our WEB site.

[application destination]
153-0043 1-11-10, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
It is addressed to MARKS&WEB adoption person in charge 

■Reference MARKS&WEB
■TEL 03-3715-6868
■Charge adoption charge