Shabu-shabu sansho fu

8F Shabu-shabu, sukiyaki
Message We aim at peaceful job that communication is good. Inexperienced person tells from 1, too.

Job offer information

The type of job Part-time job
Job specifications   Hall staff (waiting on customers), the kitchen staff (washing space, cooking assistance)
Condition More than high-school graduate
Working hours We shift and, more than three days a week, report for ourselves more than four hours a day
※Only as for from the morning to the daytime, from the daytime to the evening, from the evening to the night, the noon only night or 9:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00, 11:00-20:30
Holiday  It depends on our regulations
Service Hourly wage 1,200 yen - + transportation expenses total amount supply
※There is raise in salary ※Overtime pay total amount supply ※There is employee appointment system

Application method

Please refer over telephone.

■Reference shabu-shabu sansho fu Nagoya LACHIC shop

■TEL 052-259-6750

■Charge Nakajo (Chujo)