2F Ladies' is men's
Message It is "UNITED AROOWS" and complex shop of "BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS" suggesting lifestyle mainly on casual taste to everlasting theme with mental beauty, youth pursuing high-grade lifestyle mainly on dress taste to the richness, good-quality sao base. We like fashion, and without experience is welcome if it is person with feeling that we will be pleased with customer. 

Job offer information

The type of job Regular staff
Job specifications Sale (beauty & use charge)
Condition Inexperienced person welcome, educational background no object, high school student impossibility 
Working hours 10:00-21:30 (shift system) 

Ten days a month ※It is 9th only in February

Paid vacation, the congratulations or condolence, compassionate leave, before childbirth, after giving birth vacation, care leave, etc. of child 


Salary 180,000 yen or more (as for term of trial three months part-time job/hourly wage 1,000 yen or more)

Raise in salary: Once a year (April), bonus: It is transportation expenses total amount supply, overtime pay, store duty allowance, social insurance perfection, payment on delivery retirement bonus system, corporate pension plan (Defined-Contribution Pension), worker's property accumulation savings system, employee stocks society, employee discount, etc. twice a year (June, December) 

Application method

Please give me WEB entry from our HP.


■Reference UNITED ARROWS Ltd.

■TEL 03-6833-6018

■Charge adoption charge

■URL http://www.united-arrows.co.jp/index.html