Virage Seijo Ishii

B1F Glossary
Message We leave waiting on customers and sale, supplement to product shelf, confirmation of the freshness, various work such as rearranging in warehouse. In addition, we perform the check while doing accurate implantation at cash register and have bagging work while confirming yes or no of ice pack. As we communicate with customer directly, bright waiting on customers of smile is point.

Job offer information

The type of job Part-time job
Job specifications Sale
Condition Inexperienced person welcome!
Working hours ①9:00 -,② 12:00 -,③ 18:00 ...            
※It is OK from ... for 4h a day
Holiday Shift system
Service Hourly wage: 900 yen ※After 18:00 +100 yen
shanaiwarihikiseidoyu, noborikyuseidoyukotsuhishikyu (the regulations), equipped with apron loan social insurance (there are regulations), kenshuyu, seishaintoyoseidoyu

Application method

Please apply from telephone or our HP.

■Reference Virage Seijo Ishii Nagoya LACHIC shop
■TEL 052-269-5127
■Charge brook (brook)