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cabinet ATELIER
5F Ladies' fashion Accessories
Message At "good quality select product that thing with sense of fun" is continued using for concept with attachment forever. Selected item is prepared from "designer's brand that we have feelings toward pattern and sewing from selection of material, and prominent sense shines" to "factory brand made by beautility that certain technique weaves and cultivated trust". Things made carefully clogged up with thought of designer and craftsman are reminded of by `pleasure '` joy '` happiness' various feelings to use for a long time to wear to choose. We keep the making of shop where "special thing" is found in for customer in mind. The handling product is particular about the country and selects.

Job offer information

The type of job Part-time job
Job specifications Waiting on customers sale, sale-related duties
Condition More than high-school graduate, impossible student part-time job (welcome that Saturday and Sunday duty is available for)
Working hours 10:00-21:30 (shift system)
Holiday A five-day working week
Service Hourly wage 1,000 yen ... (we talk about the pivot depending on experience, ability)

Application method

Please refer over email or telephone.

■Reference cabinet Atelier

■email ※Please connect with linked homepage from e-mail address of mention

■TEL 052-259-6526 ※After 18:00 is easy to be connected.

■Charge Inagaki (Inagaki), willow comfort (nagira)