6F Fashion Accessories
Message m0851 is leather house from Montreal, Canada. We prepare products mainly on bag, but there are many products including Accessories and leather wear. As for the customer coming to the store, visitors of adult of LACHIC are the center. Do you not enjoy the work with us? What we do not understand receives training carefully! It is recruitment of motivated people!   

Job offer information

The type of job

①Part-time job


Job specifications Sale
Condition Person who experienced apparel duty kind treatment
Recruitment of motivated man and woman who is 40 years old from 30 years old!
Part-time job can talk from three times a week 
Working hours 10:30-21:30 (shift system)
※①It is limited to this, and short duty of/17:00 will support at 10:30-15:00/16:00, too.
Holiday Eight times a month
※There are the winter season, summer holidays in employee
※①Short duty is osodan
Service ①Hourly wage 950 yen (internship 900 yen)
※There are transportation expenses total amount supply, employee discount, employee appointment system, bonus
②Salary 180,000 yen ... (experienced person kind treatment)
※There are transportation expenses total amount supply, employee discount, social insurance perfection, bonus  

Application method

Please refer over telephone.

■Reference BRILLIANT

■TEL 052-259-6593 

■Charge Komori (stay)

■URL http://www.m0851webstore.com/