LACHIC SUMMER Item Collection

We enjoy in Jewelry & cosmetics LACHIC SUMMER Item Collection

We introduce item in summer when LACHIC recommends in this summer.
We find favorite cosmetics playing an active part in Jewelry and summer when good heart is excited in season when exposure of skin increases, and let's enjoy Season in summer!

SUMMER Cosmetic


    HOKUROKU SOUSUI sunscreen cream
    <HOKUROKU SOUSUI> Sunscreen cream SPF30/PA+++ (50 g) 1,980 yen

    The fluent feel to play an active part as the makeup groundwork is feature

    Sunscreen which protects skin from ultraviolet ray while keeping moisture. In ultraviolet ray absorbent and silicone nonuse, it is kind to skin and is the feel that is smooth by good vegetable squalene combination of creeping saxifrage extract and skin familiarity.



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    UV protection milk 50 plus
    <F organics> UV protection milk 50 plus SPF50/PA++++ (50 ml) 4,180 yen

    Protection milk which combined ingredient derived from plant selected carefully

    Is strong in sweat, water, sunscreen of 100% of ingredients derived from nature. Though it is silky, of course it is recommended to the make groundwork of woman as gift to man for usability with humidity retention power. Simple package is attractive.

    Cosme Kitchen Beauty

    Cosme Kitchen Beauty cosmetics kitchen beauty

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    renuburanshuburaito UV shield
    <L' OCCITANE> renuburanshuburaito UV shield SPF50/PA++++ (30 ml) 6,050 yen

    Sunscreen emulsion which plays an active part in summer going out scene

    Multi-item which plays an active part as emulsion, ultraviolet ray measures, the makeup groundwork. We are finished on translucent luster skin while giving moisture. As it is tube type, it is convenient for carrying.



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    renuburanshuburaito UV shield
    <MARKS&WEB> Haba Le sun protection lotion SPF20/PA++ (90 ml) 1,529 yen

    Flavor of refreshing flower is good to daily errand

    Sunscreen to be able to drop with soap of ultraviolet ray absorbent-free. Growth is good and can use for body let alone face as it is the silky feel. Flavor of flower of lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil.



    5th Floor052-259-6532

    S&T scalp E scrub
    <john masters organics> S&T scalp E scrub (142 g) 4,840 yen ※We sell from Thursday, July 9

    We give scalp moisture in sukyarupusukurabu and add refreshment

    Scrub for mild scalp which combined organic sucrose (sugar) derived from sugarcane. Flavor that blended tea tree or eucalyptus, peppermint gives refreshment.

    john masters organics

    john masters organics Select John Masters Organics select

    1st Floor052-259-6332

    S&T scalp E scrub
    <SOTHYS> ReThijs DX ENERGIE Ceram (30 ml) 16,500 yen

    Liquid cosmetics which protect skin, and create luster skin with brightness

    Liquid cosmetics which lead energy level of skin to high, the fresh and young bare skin with brightness. Mild feel of a material is feature and can use without being sticky in Season in the future.

    john masters organics

    Cosmetic & Esthetic LUMIÈRE PARIS cosmetics & aesthetics Rumie Paris

    6th Floor052-251-3522

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※Publication product becomes the end as soon as it disappears.


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